My software development blog posts from 2018: AWS, Twitter bots, Machine Learning, Docker, Kubernetes and more!

Looking back, I’ve investigated and played with a lot of interesting stuff this year, I was pretty busy 🙂 Early in the year I was doing a lot of experimenting with AWS as part of my prep for the AWS Solution Architect Associate exam, so a lot of my posts this year were AWS related, but I did some a some time working on some other projects too.

Here’s a look back at some of my favorite personal projects and blog posts during the year:

  • Using AWS Sagemaker to train Machine Learning models – here and here
  • mvmdvm and Pi-Star setup – multi digital voice Amateur Radio modes on a Raspberry Pi – here and here

Phew that’s quite a lot! I sincerely appreciate the feedback and comments I receive on my posts and hearing that at least some of my content is useful to others. I look forward to continuing to share my thoughts and write more content that hopefully will be continue to be useful in the coming year.

Happy New Year!

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