Merging a new OpenShift project git repo with an existing local project repo

Steps mainly from here, assuming you already have a local git repo for an existing project and you want to merge it into a newly created project on OpenShift for deployment:

Add the remote openshift remote:

git remote add openshift_git_repo_url

Merge the content from the newly created repo into your existing project (this will be some pom.xml changes and the .openshift directory for remote server settings and triggers etc):

git merge openshift/master -s recursive -X ours

This didn’t do anything for me, it said ‘already up to date’, so I pulled down the files from the remote with:

git pull openshift master

which resulted in a couple of conflicts, like pom.xml. Update the files with conflicts to resolve them and commit the changes, then push back to the remote:

git push openshift master


jQuery Usage Notes

Some jQuery usage notes for useful/common stuff:

To run script when the browser reaches ready state:

    //do stuff here

Detecting browser type, eg:

if ($.browser.webkit){
     alert( "this is webkit!" );

Valid values are webkit, opera, msie, mozila

See here.

Change attribute value of an element:

$('#elementId').attr('attributename', 'new attribute value');

More, see here.