Running AWS Lambda functions on a timed schedule

AWS Lambdas can be called directly or triggered to execute based on a configured event. If you take a look at the ‘CloudWatch Events’ section, there is a configuration option for a Rule that can take a cron expression to trigger a Lambda based on a timed schedule. This could be useful for scheduling maintenance tasks or anything that needs to run on a periodic basis:

Scroll down to the ‘Configure trigger’ section and you’ll see the ‘Schedule Expression’ field where you can enter an expression like ‘rate(x minutes)’ (there’s a typo in the screenshot below it should be ‘minutes’ not ‘minute’) or define a cron style pattern:

Scroll further down and there’s an option to enable the schedule rule straight away, or disable it for testing, and you can enable it when you ready to start the schedule later:

After you’ve created the Rule, if you need to edit it you’ll find it over in the CloudWatch console page, under Events / Rules:

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