AWS Lightsail default ssh userid

To ssh into AWS ec2 instances the default user id is usually ‘ec2-user’ (see my ec2 ssh checklist here).

Lightsail vps instances appear to use different default userids, depending on the OS. For example, for an Ubuntu Lightsail instance the default ssh userid is ‘ubuntu’:

ssh -i path-to-your-ssh-pen-file ubuntu@your-instance-ip

Filtering JSON data in Python

Given typical JSON of car models like this:

json_data = """{
"cars": [
"manufacturer": "ford",
"model": "mondeo"
"manufacturer": "vaushall",
"model": "corsa"

To filter matching cars by manufacturer in Python, use:

result = [car for car in json_data['cars'] if(car['manufacturer'] == "ford")]

Discussed in answers here.