IBM wins deal to manufacture chips for Nvidia

IBM have won a 3 year contract with Nvidia to manufacture chips for their new video cards, including the new GeForce FX line of cards. Nvidia previous used Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., the world’s largest contract chip manufacturer.

It will be interesting to see if in any way this deal will effect the contract IBM has with Sony to produce the new Cell CPUs for Sony for the upcoming Playstation 3 – Nvidia graphics chips are currently used in the XBox, a direct competitor to the PS2.

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Microsoft withdraw from W3C WebServices Choreography working group

Due to friction between contributing members of the W3C’s Working Group for the orchestration of Web Services, Microsoft have withdrawn their involvement with the group.

This could result in the eventual divergence of orchestration standards (or at least proposals at this stage), between IBM and BEA who are still working with the W3C, and Microsoft who may suggest their own mechanism and protocol for WS orchestration.