IndicThreads: Interview with Rails creator have an interesting interview with Ruby on Rails creator, David Heinemeier Hansson.

One of the most frequent questions regarding Rails is “is it ready/suitable for Enterprise Applications?”. Hansson replies: “we have a conscious mission to avoid things with enterprise labels. To me, enterprise is not about technology or best practices. But all about legacy, complexity, and doubtful value”. Interesting answer.

IBM announce free version of DB2

In an attempt to attract developers to the DB2 database, IBM have announced a free version of their flagship database engine, DB2.

The free offering, ‘DB Express-c’ has the same features as the commercial version, but is limited by the hadrward it can be deployed on. The limitations are quite high though – it can only be deployed on a PC with upto a maximum of 2 processors (single or dual core), and 4GB RAM. There are no limitations on the database size. Interview with Java Podcasters have 2 interviews on their site this week with two people who regularly publish a Java/programming related podcast.

The first is with Dick Wall who co-hosts the Java Posse podcast, and the second is with Michael Levin who hosts the Swampcast.

I’ve listened to several episodes of the JavaPosse podcast asd it’s well worth a listen – they cover a wide range of Java related news stories and have people on for interviews. I haven’t heard the Swampcast yet, but will take a listen some time soon.