AWS Lambda temp file storage

Lambdas by default do not have write access to the instance filestorage where they are running. They do my default have 512MB of ephemeral storage mounted at /tmp – this space is include in the Lambda runtime costs by default and can be increased (with additional cost) in 1MB increments upto 10GB.

More info here:

AWS Lambda Docker container runtime error: Runtime exited with error: exit status 127

While testing my Lambda using a Docker container, when the Lambda is invoked, I’m getting this runtime error:

Process 17(bootstrap) exited: Runtime exited with error: exit status 127

Process exit status code 127 errors are usually a file not found error. Going back through the Lambda logs, luckily there’s an error telling me I have an error in my shell script:

/var/task/ line 5: output: command not found

Quick and easy fix.