First BluRay disk movies from Sony Pictures to hit shelves in May ’06

Sony Pictures is planning on launching it’s first collection of movies on the new BluRay HD disk format on May 23 in the US, which will coincide with the availability of new BluRay DVD players.

The first players available are likely to be around the $1000 mark, so this format will not be for everyone initially until the player price comes down. However, as the PS3 will come with a BluRay player as standard, this could be Sony’s trojan horse into familiy’s living rooms. Although the price for the PS3 is still not set, it is still likely to be significantly less than the price of a standalone BluRay DVD player.

Time: Life in the Googleplex

Want to see what it is like to work for Google? Time magazine have a collection of photos of people going about their day inside Google. I’ve joked that some places you feel like you have to comply with corporate regulations and get a ‘company standard haircut’, but at Google you can have your haircut on campus. I’d like a Google #4 please.