Struts team officially announce Struts/JSF sub-project

The Struts team have announced a subproject of Struts called ‘Shale’, which is an MVC framework based on JSF. This project is also earmarked to become Struts 2.0 (as no Struts 2.0 release based on the existing Struts Classic 1.x code line is planned).

Time will tell how long Struts ‘Classic’ now has before it becomes phased out. Shale is an entierly new codeline, based on JSF. More details and FAQ are in the announcement from the Struts team.

Hilarious bug in Microsoft MapPoint sends users on a road trip across Europe

A bug has been found in Microsoft’s MapPoint online mapping and directions service which may send Norwegian users on a roundtrip through several countries and also including a couple of ferry crossings across the North Sea.

If the user picks driving directions between two Norwegian cities, which can’t be more than a couple of hundred miles apart, the driving directions send the user off on a road trip for 47 hours and 1685 miles later, having travelled though Sweden, Germany and the UK.

MySQL worm spreads on Windows PCs

A worm similar to the SQL Slammer which devastated Windows servers running SQL Server has began infecting Windows PCs running the popular open source database software, MySQL.

The worm is only know to infect MySQL server installations if running on Windows machines, which is most likely not as many as running on (arguably more secure) Linux.

More details in this article on