Hibernate vs Ruby on Rails ActiveRecords

Rub on Rails has been getting a lot of attention recently, due to it’s claims for being a framework with which you can get results very quickly. However, how would the use of Ruby on Rails persistence mechanism, ActiveRecord, stand up against the features of Hibernate?

<a href="http://web1.theserverside.com/articles/article.tss?l=RailsHibernate"Patrick Peak has an article on TheServerSide comparing the two. Ruby on Rails plus Active Record looks very attractive for prototyping apps or building small, simple apps, but is it suitable for large enterprise applications? Probably not.

Killer Java Desktop App?

I didn’t know Limewire was still around (I had a look at it out of curiousity quite a while ago), but Hans Muller in his blog on the java.net site mentioned that this Java app is picking up a lot of momentum.

It’s currently up to 1.4 million downloads a month – thats a huge number for any app, but its a truely massive number for a Java application. Hans mentions that on download.com, it’s currently 3 times the downloads of WinZip, 10 times RealPlayer, and about 20 times Windows XP Service Pack 2.