PS3 to lose Linux support on April 1st? Or is it?

Maybe this is an early April Fools, or maybe it isn’t. The pre-Slim PS3s have the ability to partition their harddrive and install Linux and dual boot. Apparently this feature may be going away in the next firmware upgrade. It’s a shame if it is, but since the date quoted is April 1st, maybe we’d better see if this comes to fruition or not.

I uninstalled my Yellow Dog install a while back to free up some disk space, but it will be sad if this option goes away.

Since when have book retailers become heavyweight cloud computing vendors?

The interesting thing about Amazon is that behind their origins and core business as an online book store they have branched out into all manner of cloud computing services with their EC2 product and a whole range of other cloud computing technologies available on demand.

If you’ve heard of EC2 but were not aware of the other offerings Amazon have, take a browse of their site using the link above and I think you’ll be surprised what they have to offer.