Forge app error “No mime type could be found for file favicon.ico”

Apps generated using JBoss Forge get this error showing up in the server log:

JSF1091: No mime type could be found for file favicon.ico.  To resolve this, add a mime-type mapping to the applications web.xml

This is described in this bug:

The quick fix is to add this to your web.xml:


Unmounting Bootcamp to use as a drive for Virtual Box

Part of the instructions for setting up Virtual Box to boot from your Bootcamp drive on Mac OS X walk you through setting up a permanent approach to unmounting your Bootcamp drive. I didn’t follow those instructions, instead created a script that I can use to run manually to unmount and open the permissions when needed, i.e. when I want to boot from VirtualBox:

diskutil umount /Volumes/BOOTCAMP
sudo chmod 777 /dev/disk0s4

The instructions on some sites also assume that your Bootcamp drive is partition disk0s3, but on my machine it’s disk0s4. If you run ‘diskutil list’ you can get a list of your partitions to work out which is your Bootcamp partition.

EE6 @Schedule Timer Service on JBoss AS 7.1

It seems that @Schedule methods won’t execute on JBoss AS7.1 unless you specify at least both the hours and minutes values on the scheduled method.

For example, to execute a method every 30 seconds:

public void doSomething() { ...}

Doesn’t execute, but if you include hours and minutes wildcards too then it does:

@Schedule(hour="*", minute-="*", second="*/30")
public void doSomething() { ...}