Apple sue-fest continues: HTC

Come on Apple, give it a rest. Get back and get busy with what you do best, innovation, and not turn into the next Microsoft and make your money from legal action against your competition (e.g. the Microsoft (SCO) vs Linux distro companies fiasco that went on for years and really went no-where for Microsoft)

As I said last week, you’re in danger of becoming the next Microsoft in more ways that one – your closed approach to iOS is blatant vendor lock-in, and you’re gunning down your competition in needless legal battles. If you carry on with this sue-fest, you’re putting me off from buying any more of your products. I love Mac OS X and my MacBook Pro, but I can’t bring myself to buy my next one from a company that pursues these kinds of legal action against your competitors. My next laptop will be running Linux (again) at this rate.