Wiring an Adafruit i2c LCD Pi Plate to an Arduino

I have an Adafruit i2c 2 line LCD Pi Plate that I’ve used for projects with my Raspberry Pi. It has a block of header pins that slot down onto the GPIO pins on the Pi. It seems that it’s pretty similar to other LCDs for the Arduino, so with some reading around and experimenting, it does wire up and work perfectly with the Arduino too. This post gave the me starting point for what pins wired to where.

In summary, this is how I wired it up – the Raspberry Pi pin references are the pin names that the Pi Plate would normally connect to, and which Arduino pins I connected them to:

Pi Plate Pin -> Arduino Pin

Pin2 -> 5v

Pin6/grnd -> grnd

Pin3 -> A4/SDA

Pin5 -> A5/SCL

The Adafruit LCD Arduino library works with the LCD Pi Plate without any other changes.

Success! Packet Radio via the International Space Station

I think this was my third or fourth attempt, but I just successfully bounced a packet off of the ISS as it passed over this evening – if I understand this right, the red highlighted message is my message as I received it coming back from RS0SS (the callsign for the packet digipeater on the ISS):

2014 12 07 iss packet - 1st contact