Amazon beat Apple and Google and launch their cloud-based music service

Google and Apple have long been rumored to be working on cloud based music storage/streaming services, but neither have yet announced anything definite. Google talked about their new service a year ago but nothing has showed up yet (other than someone finding the code for the service in a version of Android and this week’s rumor that they have begun testing internally). Apple meanwhile have been busy building a massive data center, but no details on what they will use it for.

Well, Amazon has beaten them both to it and this morning announced their new Amazon Cloud Drive service, which allows you to store your files on their servers and access from anywhere.

Strange when you think how several years back the original site offered a ‘locker service’ to keep your music online, but we just weren’t ready to access music remotely at that point, and so it disappeared.

Gosling joins Google

James Gosling, the ‘father of Java’, after working independently for the last year since the Oracle buyout of Sun has accepted an offer to work for Google.

No doubt this will stir up some fire with Oracle in their lawsuit against Google and Android.

Enabling FK support in SQLite with Firefox SQLite Manager

SQLite Manager is an awesome plugin for Firefox that lets you create & manage a SQLite db.

To enable FK support using SQLite Manager:

  • Go to DB Settings, change Foreign Keys to ‘On’, Press ‘Change’
  • Go to Tools, then ‘Use table for extension data’
  • Go to Tools, then ‘Open on-connect SQL’
  • Click on the ‘On connect SQL’ tab – the ‘On-connect SQL statements for THIS database’ textarea is now enabled.
  • In the field enter: PRAGMA foreign_keys=ON;
  • Press Save.

Syntax to create an FK ref:

<tt>CREATE TABLE child_table_name (field_1 INTEGER PRIMARY KEY,
field_2  TEXT,
foreign_key_field INTEGER ,
FOREIGN KEY(foreign_key_field)  REFERENCES parent_table_name(parent_key_field));</tt>