Oracle’s Premium JVM is here already

There’s been chatter this week about Oracle’s comments around offering a paid/premium version of the JVM as well as a free version, and what this mean for the Java community. As far as I know (I’m not sure because I haven’t looked at the license or cost) but doesn’t Oracle already offer JRockit, which already could be argued as their ‘premium’ JVM? It comes with tools to support and monitor apps running on JVMs in production and already comes bundled with Weblogic and is recommended as the JVM platform to run production systems.

Maybe the worry is all for nothing, because the premium vs free JVM concept is already here. As a business Oracle is obviously thinking how they can make the most money from heir acquired Java assets, and planning how much effort they split between JRockit development vs the free JVM development. If anything the community should be worried that the free JVM becomes a second-rate citizen – will be interesting to see how this pans out in the coming months.

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