Refreshing a JAX-RS backend with some Node.js and Express?

Over the past few year or so, I’ve been building a web app that visualizes amateur radio spots using a digital mode called JT65. The site is currently up and live here:

I started building this as an exercise to learn some AngularJS 1.x (I posted a number of posts along the way too). The backend datastore is MongoDB, and there’s a JAX-RS War deployed to WildFly that provides a REST backend to the AngularJS frontend. The majority of the logic for the webapp is all in the AngularJS app.

Since playing with some Node.JS and Express a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been considering if I should have a go at replacing the JAX-RS code with a Node.js backend too. Since the existing code is mainly building and executing MongoDB queries, this wouldn’t be that hard to do a straight replace. Based on what I’ve seen so far of libraries like Mongoose, the replacement code is likely to be significantly more concise than the existing Java based backend. I’ll queue this up for a project in the coming weeks 🙂

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