Node.js online courses and self-paced tutorials

I’m always looking for resources for learning something new. I’m currently digging into some Node.js. I’ve been working through a Udemy course, ‘The Complete Node.js Developer Course’, and while the quality of the materials and videos is very good, I’m finding the initial pace of the videos a bit slow for my liking (you can run them at 1.5x and 2x which helps to get through them quicker). If you were starting from zero background in JavaScript then the initial pace is probably spot on, but if you have some background already, then you might want to skip ahead.

Looking for other sources, I came across . The interesting thing with their approach is they have Node.js apps that drive your tutorials and assess your solutions to the puzzles. I’ve been working though learnyounode and so far it’s going pretty well. Install with:

npm install -g learnyounode

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