Raspbian USB disconnects and USB keyboards

I was looking for a solution to a USB soundcard that would randomly disconnect from my Raspberry Pi (it’s a Signalink USB soundcard/radio interface for amateur radio). Turns out, the issue I was seeing was caused by RF getting into somewhere when my radio was keying up – when I moved the HT radio further away from the Pi (only as far as the length of the connecting cable, a few feet) then my problems stopped. This could probably be avoided better with some snap-on ferrite beads.

In this post (and others), there is a suggestion about adding dwc_otg.speed=1 to your /boot/cmdline.txt. I tried this for a while and this didn’t seem to make any difference to my USB disconnects for this particular USB soundcard. It did however stop a USB keyboard from being recognized (a Gear Head Mini USB). Remembering I had added this param and then removing it solved my keyboard issue.

Lesson learnt: if trying out solutions to problems by trial and error, if something doesn’t work, remember to remove it afterwards in case it breaks other stuff 🙂


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