Fleury finished with the Software business?

Marc Fleury, founder and once CEO of JBoss before he sold the company to RedHat, recently did an interview with news.com. Sounds like he’s happy being away from the business of Open Source, the business model that JBoss itself created by offering paid Professional Services for Open Source products, and the software industry as a whole.

I’m sure Fleury will be missed – he completely turned the Software industry on it’s head and showed the big Corporations that Open Source is a viable commercial option, and that good quality software can be produced for free by a community of developers. IBM has it’s Geronimo open source Java EE server offering, Oracle donated the source for their ORM tool TopLink as Open Source, and Sun has made it their business recently to Open Source practically everything they have – the Java platform, Netbeans (it’s Java IDE which had previously been feeding into it’s commercial IDE offerings like Studio Creator, but that flow of knowledge seems to have reversed recently and features from Creator are finding their way into Netbeans), Glassfish App Server, Open Solaris, the list goes on.

In the interview, Fleury said he would not be doing a ‘JBoss 2’ – if he does start a new business it will be in biotech, not Software. Although JBoss continues in name under it’s new owners, RedHat, it will definitely be remembered from the turning point in open source awareness that it created within the industry.

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