– the ‘new’, a software development news and article site, covering Java, .NET, Ruby, SOA and Agile methodologies, officially launched yesterday, after having been running in beta for a while.

The site was co-founded by Floyd Marinescu, who was the original founder of, before they merged with Tech Target.

So far I like what I see on infoq – I hope they keep up the momentum and keep the articles coming. This looks a lot like what used to be like 4 or 5 years ago. TheServerSide used to be ‘the’ portal site for all things J2EE, but it lost momentum I think after Floyd left, followed by Ed Roman who was the CEO of The Middleware Company, the company behind Since that point I have gradually lost interest in the content on TheServerSide, they usually don’t have anything that catches my eye – they aggregate news story headlines (which I do myself anyway on this site), but they are missing the articles and interviews that they used to have. Plus they used to be a thriving community with many contributions from people in the community – check the site now and see how few submissions they have from anyone other than those connected with the site. on the otherhand looks like they are off to a good start… I’m this close to replacing my link with …

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