JDO2.0 spec public review reject by ballot

The Committee involved in the development of the JDO2.0 spec (JSR243) voted no against the latest revised spec. Major concerns voiced by the parties involved (Intel, Iona, HP, JBoss, Oracle, SAP, Fujitsu, IBM, BEA, Notel) were consistent in that they are worried that the Java persistence approach will become fragmented if JDO2.0 is allowed to continue, and should concentrate on a migration path towards the upcoming EJB3.0 spec, which is gaining significantly more backing and approval than JDO.

Although Sun voted yes on the spec, their recently published letter to the community requests developers to pull together and adopt a common persistence approach, favoring the upcoming EJB3.0 spec. The letter describes JDO2.0 as being no more that a maintainence release for JDO, not a further development. This letter was quoted in a couple of the ‘no’ votes.

Parties who voted yes on the spec included Sun, Apple, Doug Lee and Apache Foundation.

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