‘serverless invoke local’ with Java Lambdas

If you create a Java Lambda with the provided template, you’re probably returning a response using the provided ApiGatewayResponseClass. If you run your Lambda locally with ‘serverless invoke local –function functioname’, you’ll see a response like this:

Serverless: Invoke invoke:local
Serverless: In order to get human-readable output, please implement "toString()" method of your "ApiGatewayResponse" object.


Any other logger output will appear in your console, but in order to see the actual content of your ApiGatewayResponse, add a toString() method as the message suggests.

You include any of the properties in ApiGatewayResponse, but if you’re just interested in the JSON payload in the body of the response, then just adding this will return the body:

public String toString(){
    return this.body;

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