Converting my AngularJS AddressBook app to React

Several months back I spent some time looking at Docker and Docker Compose, and put together a sample AngularJS web app served by Nginx in one container, against a Spring Boot JAX-RS RESTful backend in another container, and using MongoDB in another container.

I wrote a couple of articles (part 1, and part 2) describing the Docker containers and how they were configured together using Docker Compose, but I didn’t spend much time talking about the web app itself. I was intending at the time that I’d develop the frontend app using a number of frameworks as a comparison. The AngularJS AddressBook app is functional (on GitHub here), I got part way converting it to an Angular 2 based app (on GitHub here, although clearly I was unsure at the time thinking Angular 2 was called AngularJS2), but the React app I made a rough start at but didn’t get very far.

Given most recently I’ve been spending some time getting up to speed with some React, I’m going to pick up this app again and complete it, so I’ll have an interesting side by side comparison of the same app developed with all three frameworks. More updates to come.

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