Implementing simple sort algorithms in ARM Assembly (part 2)

I haven’t completed the code yet, but I wanted to share my progress learning ARM assembly by implementing a simple sort algorithm (part 1 is here). I’m committing my changes as you go so if you’re interested you can also pull the code form github here.

The simple sort that I’m implementing is a ‘comparison sort‘. You start at lowest end of the array of values, iterate through to find the smallest value and then switch the smallest found value to the front. You then repeat the loop starting at the next index in the array, search again for the smallest, switch, and then continue repeating this until you’ve looped through and compared all values.

I’ll make clear that as I’m learning ARM ASM I’ve no idea at this point if my approach to implementing this algorithm is optimal, but I’m finding it a useful learning exercise. At this point I’m also finding debugging the code in Eclipse C++ indispensable – I don’t think a this point I could debug the code without an IDE (or to try would be difficult and error prone). Once you’ve walked through the steps to crosscompile in Eclipse C++ you can use the same setup to remove debug in Eclipse C++ too, with the executable running remote on the Raspberry Pi.

So far I have the outer and inner loops working, so can iterate through the values, and compare to find the smallest value on each iteration. I’ll post another update once I’ve got the swapping done. In the meantime if you’re interested you can take a look at my latest commit in my github repo above.

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