‘New’ Windows 10 features inspired from other OSes

Every time I hear or read about one the ‘new’ features introduced in Windows 10, I can’t help but think ‘hang on, hasn’t [Linux|OS X] already had that feature for years?

The past few OS X releases have been minimizing the visual window decorations to have borderless windows and minimal icons, and Ubuntu 14.04 has done the same too (since it was released over a year ago). Seems to be the current fashion. I’m not a historian of UI design, but I had to dig back to around 2011 when OS X Lion I think introduced borderless windows, although windows in OS X have had this look n feel for long enough now that I’ve taken it for granted as normal.

One the features I’ve always missed in Windows that 10 now has is multiple virtual desktops, because this is something I always use in OS X and Linux – it seems like it’s always been there, and again, one of those features you take for granted. I like to keep related windows for one task on one desktop and windows for another task on another. Anyway, welcome to 1990’s, Windows 10.

If you want to see some more examples, itsfoss.com has a comparison of other ‘new’ Windows 10 features that have been borrowed from Linux.

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