Working split in FLDIGI

Most things are easy to work out in FLDIGI, but I just tried working a station that was working RTTY split, listening 1 up. You can certainly do this via settings on your radio but FLDIGI allows you to set different rx and tx freqs too – which is easier as it’s just point and click:

  • select the tx freq and press the ‘Lck’ button – this fixes the tx
  • clicking anywhere on the waterfall after you’ve pressed Lck now sets the receive

Don’t forget to unclick Lck when you’re done.

I got this from the manual here (funnily enough).

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    1. It doesn’t seem that it’s possible to scroll the waterfall beyond the 3k bandwidth (or whatever your setting is). But thinking this through (and I might be wrong), if you’re using FLDigi via a soundcard interface then you probably can only transmit and receive within a 3k bandwidth as that’s the typical receive bandwidth of your transceiver, right? Unless you have FlDigi hooked up to your radio with some other non-soundcard based interface and you’re using it to do rig control and operate the split feature provided by your radio? It might be possible that way using rig control, but I can’t try it myself as my Alinco SR8T doesn’t provide those features.

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