eWeek’s ’19 Reasons why Microsoft is huge with developers’ – Which developers?

Having worked in IT for 15 years now, 14 years as a developer, I read eWeek’s article ’19 Reasons why Microsoft is Huge with Developers’ wondering ‘what developers are they talking about?’ – obviously only developers that work with Microsoft products. Personally I know 1 developer who is a Microsoft developer, and one other colleague who is a big advocate for Microsoft products, which in 14 years of being a developer is not exactly many.

Admittedly, my view of the developer world is somewhat skewed, having spent 13 years working exclusively with Java. I know there are Microsoft developers out there, I just don’t know of any (other than the 2 I mentioned), so this article seems somewhat over-inflated. Huge? Yes, huge with Microsoft developers. I certainly have little interest in anything Microsoft, and have no desire to find out what that are doing with .NET or their VisualStudio tools. So, is Microsoft huge with developers? Possibly with existing Microsoft developers, but that seems like a limited world from my perspective.

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