Consolidation of online social networking services?

There’s too many social networking sites out there today. Everyone is on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace etc, chatting on IM clients like Yahoo IM, AOL, Google Chat, posting snippets of their life and sharing photos etc on Flickr and elsewhere, plus I have a number of different email accounts for various reasons. All this information is spread too thin across too many places and to keep track of all this takes too much time and effort.

There are a few social networking consolidation tools popping up that look like they are taking us in the right direction, but I haven’t found (yet) a one tool does everything app or site. So far Digsby looks promising, but only a Windows app available so far. AlertThingy looks good as well – I’ll have to check this one out.

At some point I’m pretty at some point it will be possible to get all this information in one place, but it doesn’t look like it’s there yet.

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