PS3 Firmware 2.0 upgrade available now!

Sony have released firmware upgrade 2.0 for the PS3 available today (a day early ahead of the usual Playstation updates on Thursdays). Neat new features include full customization of the XMB media bar, backgrounds, colors and fonts, the addition of a ‘news bar’ that pops up on the screen with PS3 news headlines, and the addition of the remote power on/off capability from a PSP with firmware 3.72. This last feature is particularly neat, since there’s been a number of times it would have been cool to have remotely accessed my PS3 from my PSP from across the internet, but my PS3 was turned off… well now you can turn it on remotely… how cool is that?!

Note: From doing a few tests it seems the remote power on from the PSP across the internet seems to time out before it gets to connect, but the PS3 does receive the signal to turn on. If I then try to connect again from my PSP, the PS3 is already powered up and the connection succeeds.

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