Implementing a CAPTCHA to prevent comment spam

I’ve been getting hit for a number of months now with comment spam in this blog, and quite frankly it’s really annoying. I put in place a simple validation code that you had to enter that I thought would work, but the posters script (they’re posting in bulk) is obviously reading the validation value from the page and submitting it.

I’ve been meaning to implement a CAPTCHA for some time now, and just started looking a ‘The simple java captcha project’s version – I’ve got it integrated with my system right now, but I ran into a headless mode issue with the Java2d api they are using and running on my Linux server. It looks like there is a post about a patch to get it working on Linux, so I’ll get it working pretty soon. Failing that, someone else has taken the codebase and extended it and fixed some other issues, so this project also might be useful.

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