Jnode – a Java operating system?

I remember seeing one of Sun’s Java-based Network Computers several years back, which never caught on and disappeared (where they ahead of their time?). I noticed this website for Jnode where they are building a new Java-based operating system – very interesting – have to keep an eye on this one.

I wonder how long it will be before low cost internet access terminals will be available – since the only thing most people use a computer for at home is to access the internet, it makes more sense now than ever to start offering basic, dumbed down internet appliances that do nothing more than run a web browser. I know several companies have tried selling devices like this over the past few years, but is the time now right? Or is family internet access going to find it’s way into the center of your entertainment center in your family room, like on your Wii or PS3 (which have integrated web browsers)?

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