Yellow Dog Linux install on PS3 – smoothest OS install ever?

I successfully installed Yellow Dog Linux on my 60GB PS3 at the weekend, in it’s own 10GB partition. I have to admit, I was expecting the worst, but it was an incredibly hands-off install, with little in the way of configuration options, and didn’t require any messing around with any config files or anything – it installed first time with no problems.

If you’re interested in checking it out, I followed instructions mainly from two sites: the Sony Open Platform site for the PS3, and the YDL install instructions in PDF form from their site here. Their instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

The only part I was worried about was backing up my existing game saves, several GB of MP3s, and several thousand photos that I’d copied across onto the PS3’s harddrive. It was not clear from various websites if the Backup and Restore facility from the System menu on the PS3 would perform a backup of the harddrive prior to reformating and partitioning and then restore it onto the new partition (you have to partition 50GB PS3 and 10GB for Linux) – however this worked fine with no problems what so ever. I think the instructions on other sites are refering to the fact (I think) that you can’t restore a backup onto another physical harddrive (for copy protection reasons?).

Overall, the install process was problem free. The boot up of Linux is a little slow on the PS3, but once it’s up its definitely usable. I made the mistake of getting a cheaper Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse which only has a 3 foot range (pretty much useless), so I’ll be taking this back in exchange for a Logitech with a longer range to allow me to sit back on the sofa and play around with my new system…

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