Is Windows Vista Ready? Paul Thurrot of – “No. God, no”

Despite being a fully paid up member of the Church of Microsoft Bashers, I do occaisionally take a peek over the fence to see what is going on in the Microsoft world. This year is of course the year that we’ve been promised the next great thing, as the successor to XP arrives in the form of Windows Vista. However, despite the long delays and 5 elapsed long years since XP was released, it would appear that all is not well with the next replacement of XP (that you are going to have to buy a new PC just to run).

Paul Thurrot of the Windows SuperSite often has some great articles with great insider info about upcoming new Microsoft releases. This month however, it appears that even this guy who appears to stand solidly on the Microsoft side of the fence has some very stong things to say about the current state of Vista. Is Windows Vista ready, you ask? Paul says ‘No. God, no’.

Check out the article here for his opinions on why Vista is not yet even close to being ready to ship this year.

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