Source available for one of the coolest JavaOne demos (ever?) – the Aerith mappping app

The team at Sun Swing labs responsible for putting together one of the best looking and coolest JavaOne Swing demos (possibly ever?), and possibly the best looking Swing app ever, have released their source code on – check here for the project page.

The app itself is a ‘mashup’, a combination of web services to provide a single application. The app uses Google Maps, Flickr, and Yahoo’s geocoding webservice to allow you to create and share slideshows of road trip photos.

This in itself is a pretty neat application, but the major selling point of this app is that it is a truely awesome looking Swing application. If you haven’t seen the screenshots, go to the site above and check it out, because this will blow away all your misconceptions about what a Swing app looks like and what is possible with Swing.

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