Netbeans 5.0 presentation and demo

Haven’t seen Netbeans 5.0 yet? Javalobby have a presentation by Roman Strobl, a Netbeans Evangelist, giving an overview and demonstrating using features in the IDE.

Having lived in the Eclipse world using IBM based IDEs (WSAD and RAD) for the past 3 years, I must admit that Netbeans is looking more and more impressive, and is definitely worth a look. I have been put off from taking a look since using it briefly in 2000/2001 (I think) and I wasn’t very impressed at that time – the UI appeared too clunky to me and wasn’t very easy to use. Now it is looking very impressive – very slick and polished.

Think extending Eclipse with plugins is easy? Take a look at the demo on adding ‘actions’ to Netbeans… an incredibly simple wizard driven approach to add new functionality to Netbeans.

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