Book summary – “Debugging the Development Process” by Steve Maguire

I’ve posted a summary of the excellent book “Debugging the Development Process” by Steve Maguire, to my Book Summaries section.

This is an excellent book, recommended reading for any team/project lead, and also well worthwhile for any developer who wants to understand how they can work more effectively in a project environment (“Work smarter, not harder”).

I particularly like the main gist of this book, that so much time and effort is wasted on projects on “misguided effort”. A project/team can be made to be far more effective if the main goal is identified and held as the number 1 priority. I have seen this time and time again on projects – people get sidetracked off onto issues, either administrative or other non-essential development tasks, that do not contribute to the main goal in any way. An effective team/project lead needs to keep the teams focus, and shield the team from non-essential tasks.

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