Common Linux Commands

df shows free and used disk space
top shows memory usage – updates in real time
ps Process Status – lists running processes
ps -ef show system processes
find . -name FILENAME -print locate a file named FILENAME and show it’s location
grep -r “pattern” * search through all files and subdirectories from the current directory for the given pattern and print matches
uname -a displays the current kernel version
lsb_release -a displays Ubuntu installation version
fdisk -l lists partition info

Ubuntu/Debian Package Management

Install an app: sudo apt-get install name

Remove: sudo apt-get remove name (‘apt-get remove –purge name’ to remove all config files also)

List installed packages: sudo dpkg –list | more

RPM Commands (Red Hat/Fedora and derivatives)

rpm -ivh PACKAGE installs a new RPM
rpm -e PACKAGE uninstalls an RPM
rpm -qi PACKAGE Queries that a package is unstalled and displays information about it

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