IBM and BEA join together to submit JSR for cross App Server tools

As part of the Java Tools Community initiative announced in the news yesterday, IBM and BEA Systems have announced they have created 3 Java Specification Requests (JSRs) for 3 new technologies which will be developed using the Java Community Process (JCP) and will be implemented on both IBM Websphere as well as BEA Weblogic.

The 3 new specifications are:

  • Service Data Objects: will provide a common mechanism to pull data from multiple sources such as XML sources and databases
  • Timer for Application Servers, a mechanism for scheduling processing jobs
  • Work Manager for Application Servers, for setting up processing tasks in parallel

Industry analysts have commented that the omission of Sun in the group developing these new specifications is significant, and probably signifies the beginning end of Sun’s involvement in the development of new technologies based on Java technology. IBM and BEA are the dominant market players in the Application Server market space, and with this announcement are now together shaping new future technologies on the Java platform.

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