Programming your Yaesu FT60 HT radio

I jotted down these notes a few years back to refer back to later. The trouble I’ve found with all HT radios is you work through the manual to setup a couple of local repeaters and then months (years!) go by and you can’t remember how you did it last time đŸ™‚

Here’s my notes for setting up memories in your FT60:

To toggle freq VFO/memory mode:

  • bottom left button: V/M

To store current settings to a memory:

Set the current frequency, and for repeaters the offset, PL tone etc and then store all the currently selected settings to a memory:

  • hold bottom right FW
  • flashing mem is an empty slot
  • press bottom right (FW) again, stores in slot
  • switch to memory mode (toggle v/m button)
  • FW 0 selects menus
  • select 28 nm write, press FW to select
  • press FW again to select 1st char, rotate dial to select, up arrow to move to next char
  • if you get to last char it stores automatically, otherwise for less than max chars press ptr to enter to memory

To delete a memory:

  • go to memory mode, select memory
  • hold FW
  • select memory with knob
  • press hm/rv – deletes mem

Toggle memory freq display

In memory mode, press Band – toggles to freq & tune mode

Press again to toggle back to memories

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