What tech stack was I working with in May 2003?

Clearing out some stuff in the home office I came across this CD-ROM of tech tools, products and libraries that I was using at work at this time:

  • JBoss – the open source Java EE app server of choice at this time
  • Xerces – Java XML Parsing library (DOM)
  • Amazon WS Kit – not sure what this was, maybe an SDK for AWS?
  • Apache – HTTP web server
  • Caucho Resin – no longer around – if I remember right this was an optimized Servlet runtime
  • EJ Tech Profiler – I think this was a competitor to JProfiler?
  • Homesite – HTML editor
  • IBM WS Kit – SDK for Java XML webservices
  • IntelliJ – still around today. At the time I don’t think it was as popular as Eclipse or Netbeans, but is probably the best. Java IDE around today

Interesting look back at Java versions in use at the time:

  • Java JDK 1.4 (at the time, also called Java 2 after JDK version 1.2, abbreviated as J2SE)
  • Java EE 1.2 and 1.3 – abbreviated to J2EE – the days when J2EE was actually called J2EE before dropping the 2 and just becoming Java EE after Java EE 5 was released in 2006)

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