Planning to migrate my AWS Lambda Twitter bots to Mastodon

Like everyone else right now, I’m mulling options to migrate away from Twitter, likely to Mastodon (follow me at !). Moving my personal usage is relatively simple, other than rebuilding a list of people and tags that I like to follow. I also have a number of Twitter bots running on AWS Lambdas that I’ve built over the years that I should move at some point.

The easy part is that the code that’s running as an AWS Lambda doesn’t need to physically move anywhere, that can continue to run where it is. The part that needs to change is the APIs it’s using to integrate with Twitter and update them to use APIs to post to Mastodon instead.

I’m still in early stage of looking at options so far. I’ve discovered there’s a Mastodon instance, BotsInSpace, that’s specifically for running bots, so that addresses that first step, where they need to run against. I’ve also been reading through a few articles on developing bots for Mastodon such as this one. So far looks like it shouldn’t be too much of a big deal to move them across.

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