Do you dread a programming language?

I came across this question online a while back ‘what programming language do you dread the most’ and thought it was interesting why a software developer would ask this question. More surprisingly, many answers from other developers shared what languages the dread and why.

Programming languages are just tools we use to do our job, which is primarily solving problems and building solutions to problems. We use programming languages are tools to achieve this end goal. To say you dread a particular programming language would be like a carpenter saying they dread using a hammer. There may be languages you like or prefer more over others, but to dread or fear a particular language is, to me, unusual.

Let’s say you do fear a particular language. What can you do overcome that fear? Often fear is from the unknown. If you’re less familiar with a particular language then spend some time getting more familiar with that language. Languages that you are more comfortable with are more likely the ones you’re more familiar with. If you’re in a position where you can make a tool decision and chose the language you’re more familiar with avoiding the one you fear, then that’s an easy solution, but at some point you may not be able to make such a decision, so invest time to get more familiar with the languages you’re less familiar with.

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