The Fascination with Pizza in Tech

I’m not talking about quantities of pizza consumed, neither Amazon’s now commonly known two-pizza rule as the ideal team size. Rather how pizza has played a common part of many firsts and iconic moments in software and internet history:

The first online sale on the internet in 1994 was reportedly a pizza sold by PizzaHut via their PizzaNet webpage, which interestingly is still up and live on their website (although no longer functional):

Solaris 2 had a demo app developed with the NeWS toolkit called PizzaTool, that was well known if you ever worked with Solaris.

CyberSlice, an online pizza ordering company formed in 1996 which facilitated online pizza ordering for other pizza restaurants even if they didn’t have an internet connection, the system automated phone calls to restaurants to place orders on behalf of customers. The system was built with NeXT WebObjects, and Steve Jobs demo’d the first online order using the system live at a press conference.

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