“Purchase Pending” error in Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace (if you purchased MSFS via Steam)

If you originally purchased Microsoft Flight Simulator via Steam, you may run into an error where any in-game purchases in the Marketplace never complete successfully, you yet a “Purchase Pending” message on the alerts/bell icon in the top right of the screen.

In order to complete in-game purchases, the Steam Overlay needs to be enabled in 2 places:

  1. In the Steam client settings here:

2. On the Flight Simulator game settings in Steam here (right-click game in Steam, then Properties):

By default in-game you should be able to press Shift-Tab and the Steam Overlay will open. If it doesn’ go back and check the settings above, and chec k the key combo is not mapped to anything else. If you can’t get the Overlay to open, the in-game purchase via Steam will not complete either, because the in-game purchase pops up a Steam purchase dialog.

Now when you purchase an add-on in the in-game Maretplace, you should get a Steam dialog popup to complete the purchase via Steam, and then you download will start.

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