Sending Packet Radio beacons with ax25 ‘beacon’

The ax25 app ‘beacon’ does what it says, it sends beacon packets, by default every 30 mins, e.g.

beacon -c KK6DCT-6 1 "Hello from KK6DCT-6 node!"

By default the callsign will be what you’ve configured for your node/tnc, but you can change that with the -c param. The next param is the ax25 interface number from /etc/ax25/axports, followed by your beacon message.

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  1. Have you figured out how to cancel a beacon? If I want to keep my computer hooked up to my radio but change frequencies, I need to be able to stop my beacon.

    1. file:
      #kill beacon messages
      killall beacon

      msg=”Hello from $node node!”
      killall beacon
      beacon -c $node $howOftenInMinutes “$message”

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