Premium Gen4 m.2 SSD vs budget Gen3 m.2 SSD

For my MS Flight Simulator build I went with a Corsair MP600 Gen 4 m.2 500GB SSD for my main drive for my Flight Sim install files and cache. Since Gen 4 m.2 storage is not the cheapest, I then added a second Gen 3 m.2 Sabrent Rocket Q SSD stick to add an additional general purpose 1TB storage, for other games etc.

Here’s the benchmark specs for the Corsair MP600 gen4 m2 SSD:

and as a comparison here the specs for the cheaper Sabrent gen3 1TB m2 SSD:

Still blazingly fast by any standard, but interesting to see the performance difference between gen4 m2 SSD and gen3 m2 SSD on the same motherboard.

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