Revisiting my webapp: visualizing WSJT-X FT8 spots over time – part 7: Redesigning to take advantage of the Cloud

Update following on from part 6.

I completed some of my planned updates recently, in particular moving the AngularJS static content to AWS S3 to serve as a static website, and then also updated AWS Route 53 to point to the S3 bucket for this front end content, and then is pointing to a VPS running the REST backend. At the same time moving the frontend to S3, I also spent a crazy amount of time migrating to use Webpack to build the frontend, which I covered here.

I’ve now started to pick up some enhancements to the app. The first enhancement is to add a new heatmap to show spots per hour, as a drilldown feature from the heatmap per day. What surprised me at this point is how crazy the original MongoDB query looks now it’s been a couple of years since I was last playing with this. Luckily the update to do counts per hour is only a minor change from the counts per day, so should have that complete soon.

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