Adding a new logical RAID array to a HP DL380 G7 server

A while back I added my first disks to my $150 eBay HP DL380 G7 server – if you’re looking for steps on how to get to the RAID settings on the DL380 server, see my previous post here.

I recently started to run out of space on the 2 drives I’d installed previously, so time to add some more storage. I added a couple of cheap refurbished WD Blue drives described here, and I have a step by step post on physically installing the drives here.

Now the drives are installed, I need to add them to the RAID controller. After the POST tests, hit F8 to get to the iLO setup, and then exit, per the steps described in my earlier post here.

Press F8 when prompted to get to the RAID setup:

Select ‘Create a Logical Drive’ – here I’m adding a new RAID array with my 2 newly inserted drives:

I selected the 2 newly installed 1TB drives, in a RAID 1+0 config:

F8 to save:


… and now I have 2 RAID arrays, the first one I added at a 750GB RAID 1+0 array, and now the new 1TB RAID 1+0 array:

In the next post I’ll show adding a new store in ESXi to use the new space on this new RAID array.

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