Adding new drives to an HP DL380 G7 Homelab

I recently ran out of space on my Homelab ESXi running on my HP DL380 G7 server, so it’s time to add some more storage. First, I checked the list of supported drives known not to have the thermal runaway issue on the DL380 and similar models. I have a couple of WD Blacks right now, but the model numbers on those are hit and miss, some models work, some don’t, and I couldn’t find the exactly same model number on sale again (the working model I have is WD7500BPKX). I noticed though there’s a longer list of WD Blue drives that are known to work ok, and looking on Amazon I found some refurb 1TB drives for $40. Since this is just a hobby server and I don’t need to store anything critical on there, this sounded like a good deal.

I needed a couple of extra drive caddies too, here’s what I picked up:

  • 2x KKmoon HHD Tray Bracket For HP G7 2.5″ Drive Caddy SAS SATA 371593-001 DL380 DL370 DL360 G5 G6 G7″
  • 2x WD Blue 1TB Mobile Hard Disk Drive – 5400 RPM SATA 6 Gb/s 128MB Cache 2.5 Inch – WD10SPZX (Certified Refurbished)

The WD drives arrived same day from Amazon – they were in sealed bags but obviously not the original packaging as they were refurbs. They were also wrapped in plenty of bubblewrap which was plenty adequate to protect them during shipping, and shipped in a Jiffy bag:

The HP server drive caddies arrived the following Monday (ordered on Saturday). Again, packaged well, in a box and in a Jiffy bag:

Here’s the assembled drives ready to go:

And here’s the new drives going in:

Space before:

Space after – ready to go:

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